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Precautions for the Installation of Outdoor LED Display

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There are four steps to installing outdoor advertising LED display: site survey, mechanical equipment construction, installation and adjustment. Let's go into details below.

Site investigation

This refers to the main parameters such as the actual natural environment, geological structure, flicker range, and chromaticity acceptance ability before the outdoor LED display is installed. In order to ensure the perfect installation of the advertising band, before installing, a unified plan should be implemented to ensure that everything is applied normally and smoothly.

outdoor  LED display

Construction of LED machinery and equipment

When making outdoor LED display screens, it is necessary to distinguish between outdoor exterior wall advertising screens, hanging advertising screens, and roof-type advertising screens. In fact, according to the interval and aspect ratio, cranes are used to suspend section by section during installation, allowing the personnel above to cooperate with each other, and perform stronger installation and application of the LED advertising screen that is working upwards.

Brightness adjustment

LED displays are built at different angles, so depending on site acceptance, you need to fix the outdoor LED display installation from everyone's general angle and ensure that all images and subtitle content with normal viewing angles and balanced colors are visible.

Post-inspection and maintenance

LED display moisture proof, heat pipe heat dissipation layer, LED description moisture proof coating, display top wind shield, heat pipe heat dissipation, switching power supply and demand balance line and other categories of post-inspection, these basic components products should be in any good reliability. Text and picture LED display, technical maintenance in the middle and later stages, product corrosion, instability, and damage are removed immediately, and the safe operation of all displays is guaranteed.

outdoor LED display

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