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Principle and Characteristics of Sphere LED Display

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LED spherical screen is a kind of creative LED display, and it is also a special-shaped LED display, which brings a novel visual experience. The following is the principle and characteristics of sphere LED display.

Principle of spherical LED display

It consists of a core control module, a rotating display module, a wireless module, a font library module, a motor drive module, and a power supply. The fan blade is designed to be round, and there is a circle of LED lamp beads on the fan blade. The light-emitting color of the LED is monochromatic or multi-color LED, with the font software, when the fan blade goes to the corresponding position, the corresponding point is lit, so that the display content of a spherical surface can be controlled.


The characteristics of spherical LED display

1. The LED spherical screen can be used in outdoor and indoor applications with large pixel pitch and certain decorative effects. It is an LED display application product that is between ordinary conventional display screens and lighting;

2. After special treatment, the display unit can be assembled into inner arc display surface, outer arc display surface, inner circle display surface, S display surface, spherical shape and other special-shaped screens;

3. In order to ensure that the pixels of the outdoor reality project are sufficiently bright, the front of the pixels is potted with silicone for waterproof treatment. The color of the silicone can be matched according to the project requirements, according to the color card, so that it is perfectly coordinated with the color of the exterior wall of the building;

4. The pixel outlet is a silicone wire with excellent high and low temperature, with professional waterproof connectors, professionally designed and carefully built fully sealed waterproof structure. The protection level reaches IP67, which can adapt to various indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environments, and the working environment range can reach -20 And +80 degrees Celsius, can work in rain;

5. The LED spherical screen adopts a bar display unit, which has strong visual impact and high safety factor;

6. The viewing angle of the spherical LED display is 360 degrees, and the video is played in all directions, and there is no viewing angle problem of the flat LED display;

7. Multiple pixels in series or parallel can realize full-color display and can play video clearly. The LED ball can be controlled to display full-color video synchronously or asynchronously. The spherical LED display is equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, which supports a variety of external signal connections and can realize live broadcast.

8. The diameter of the LED ball can be designed and produced according to customer requirements. The spherical surface is completely completed by numerical control. The precise module size ensures the consistency of the overall curvature of the LED ball.


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