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Why Does the LED Smart Light Pole Display Need to Be Powered off Remotely?

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Strictly speaking, the remote power-off function is a necessary basic requirement for the LED smart light pole display, for the following four reasons.

1) Realize the function of single lamp controller.

Since the LED smart light pole display and street lights share a power supply device, the street lights and light boxes do not need power supply during the day. One of the control circuits of the LED light pole screen is used to remotely power off the street lights to solve the problem that the street lights cannot be powered during the day.

2) Energy saving.

The LED smart light pole display will have 10% power loss even when it is not in use. It is very necessary to perform remote power off, which can not only strengthen the information construction of public lighting management, but also avoid unnecessary waste of resources.


3) Safety.

Based on the consideration of equipment safety, in severe weather conditions such as lightning, rainstorm, typhoon, etc., it is impossible to manually power off the equipment on the spot, and the equipment can be shut down by remote hard power off to reduce the damage to the equipment by sudden disasters.

4) Extend the life of the equipment.

LED light-emitting tubes are all attenuated. For example, the hard power-off operation of the LED smart light pole display in the middle of the night saves the energy consumption of urban public lighting and allows the product to have a service life of nearly 8 years.


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