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What Are Outdoor LED Totem Displays and What Are the Characteristics?

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What is outdoor LED totem display?

LED totem display has broad applications for retail advertising and digital signage advertising, which is also called retail displays. It's usually small and medium size but efficient advertising media. Totem led display could be one side or two sides with tempered-glass for better protection. Intelligent group management is also working for hundreds of totem led display.


Characteristics of outdoor LED totem display

High Brightness & Waterproof

Totem led screen employs high bright LED for outdoor waterproof applications. It's still vivid visual performance under direct sunlight. Tempered-glass protection is also available for protecting LED and vandilism.

Integrated solution for software & hardware

LED totem display is outdoor freestanding design with integrated solution for hardware. Built-in speaker and brightness sensor is for perfect audio & visual performance. It can be single side, dual-sides or more sides

User-Friendly and Easy Software

Totem led display is equipped with built-in WiFi controller for APP control. Software is user-friendly and extremely easy with APP. It's plug & play solution via USB too.

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Totem led screen is fast installation with standing base. Front maintenance solution is preferred by most customers. It can make fast replacement with front service design in case of failure.

Intelligent Group Management System

4G controller is also available for wireless remote control solution. We can help build cloud for hundreds of led totem display with intelligent group management system. All programs for all totem led screen could be uploaded and changed at the same time via cloud. It's totally wireless and remote.

LED totem display


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