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What Role Does LED Display Play in Smart Light Poles?

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With the progress of the street lamp LED renovation project, the coverage rate of LED street lamps is gradually increasing. Driven by the demand of the smart industry, the industry popularization of smart street lamps will be further implemented.

In fact, the current smart street lights are mainly assembled with multiple functions. At the same time, thanks to the rapid advancement of smart city construction and the wide application of new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, the smart value of smart city terminals such as LED light pole screens has begun to stand out here, and the smart advantages of smart light poles in scenarios have been strengthened.

LED light pole screens

What is LED light pole screen?

Street light pole led display is designed for outdoor street light pole advertising. It's unique, novel and beautiful cabinet design. Street light pole led display can be integrated with lamp post, which is an important element for smart city advertising led display.

What is the relationship between LED light pole screen and smart street light?

Smart street light LED screen is a kind of practice for smart city construction based on light poles, Internet WIFI, sensors, and Internet of Things power carrier. The main applications include smart lighting management system, smart street light integrated management center, WiFi overlay system, video surveillance system, smart sensing and public information release system, one-key help alarm system, charging pile system. Users can choose different subsystems for combination according to actual needs.

Today, the pace of smart street light layout is getting faster and faster. It can be said indescribably that the characteristics of unified management, unified construction, and open sharing of LED light pole display coincide with the original intention of smart city construction. The in-depth combination of LED light pole screen and urban street lights not only plays a role in promoting, but also provides a communication carrier for the information transmission required for the realization of "city smart construction", and together with smart street lights, it has become an important early stage of urban interconnection entrance.

LED light pole screen

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