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What Are The Requirements For The Led Display In The Sports Events

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In two months, the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, and the Olympic flame that carries the Olympic spirit will be lit there. With the advent of the Olympic Games, various sports stadium facilities have been completed one after another. In these gymnasium facilities, sports LED screens are indispensable for this event.

As an important display carrier for sports events in stadiums, LED display screens can achieve simultaneous multi-screen switching, real-time timing and scoring, linkage control, and true color screen reproduction, attracting fans to enter the stadium to enjoy the event, increasing the atmosphere of the scene, and allowing the audience in the stadium at the same time clearly see every wonderful moment of the game. For example, scoring screens, broadcast screens, location-inducing screens, and advertising screens in stadiums provide audiences with rapidly changing exciting images and live events.

Nowadays, there are more and more sports events at home and abroad, such as NBA, World Championships, Olympic Games, European Cup, CBA, National Games, etc., LED display screens almost go hand in hand with stadiums. So what are the requirements of the sports stadium LED display, let us share the following aspects for you!


1. The model of the LED display should be accurate

LED display application scenarios and viewing distance are closely related to the pixel pitch. For outdoor stadiums, it is necessary to consider users who watch at medium and long distances. P6 and P8 are common point spacings in outdoor stadiums. For indoor gymnasiums, the viewing density is higher and the viewing distance is closer. It is more appropriate to choose P4 and P5.

Stadium Perimeter LED Display 

2. The display function of the LED display should be clear

Whether it is a comprehensive gymnasium, a ball sports hall or a swimming diving hall, the main LED screen needs to have some basic functions, such as displaying the game time and standard clock, real-time game scrolling timing, page-turning scrolling display of game results, and live broadcast video image text, carrying out automatic manual switching, flashing effects, etc.


3. The safety of the LED display is the top priority

The design and manufacturing process of the LED display is complicated, and the high-altitude suspension of large tonnage requires high safety. There are many crowds watching sports games. Any accident or mistake will have a great impact, so stable engineering quality is the top priority for users.

Stadium perimeter LED display is a part of the LED product segmentation field, and various functional screens such as fence screens and scoring screens are very mature in the application of stadiums. I believe that in the near future, new functions will be developed with continuous technological advancement and innovation, and will bring more brand-new event viewing experience to the audiences.

 Stadium Perimeter LED Display

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