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Which LED Display is Better, Mobile or Wall LED Screens?

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Mobile LED screens

A mobile LED screen is an LED display built out on a steel frame and mounted on an open or enclosed trailer. The display system is also equipped with hydraulic lifting and rotation.

 mobile LED screen

Wall LED screens

Unlike mobile LED screens, wall LED screens do not move. An LED video wall is an LED display made up of smaller LED panels that are linked together to make the larger display. An LED wall screen display provides similar advantages to mobile LED displays — high-quality pictures, versatility and weather-resistance — but it is not transportable.

Not being on wheels may sound like a minor detail, but it can affect the user experience a lot. For example, a standard LED wall screen needs to be loaded, unloaded and reconfigured at each new event. This process tends to require a skillful crew and a few technicians who know their way around LED technology.

Although transporting and setting up wall LED screens may take a bit more effort, the resulting display is magnificent. Just like a mobile LED screen, an LED wall display creates one giant seamless screen to show off your advertisement, message or featured presentation. There's no doubt that the stunning spectacle of an LED video wall will captivate people's attention.


Benefits of using mobile Led displays compared with wall LED screen

1) display content on-the-go

There are many types of event LED displays, but at some events, having the ability to transport a screen to where the audience is going can be hugely beneficial. For example, at a golf tournament, the crowd is always on the move between holes – having an LED system that can stream the tournament directly to the audience members, no matter where they are, will boost audience engagement and get your content in front of more viewers.

2) affordability

When compared to custom-built modular LED walls, mobile LED displays are a more affordable event technology option. Not only is the rental price better, there’s no sacrifice in terms of picture quality – with the capabilities of today’s mobile LED systems, you can choose from a variety of pixel pitches and resolutions to deliver crystal clear visuals, improving the experience for event attendees.

3) ease of use

You can really get the most out of this event technology thanks to it’s easy-to-use design. Mobile LED displays are generally built with the end operator in mind – especially one that doesn’t have much experience setting up or running event technology equipment. While they are simple to use, most event companies like Mathes Event Productions, will even help handle the behind-the-scenes set-up, operation and tear-down of the display if you wish, so you can focus on hosting a spectacular event.

 mobile LED display

Which LED screen is better for you?

What type of screen should you use for your event — a mobile LED screen or a wall LED screen? The answer depends on how much time, energy and money you have to spend on your LED display. If you're short on time or staff, the easiest solution is to rent a mobile LED display.

You only need one person to set up a mobile LED display, and it can be set up in a matter of minutes. As a bonus, a mobile LED screen is easy to use and transport. If you plan to use the display again for another event, you don't have to dismantle and reconfigure the setup.

Accordingly, a mobile LED screen is better for most events. But if you want a more permanent LED screen setup, a wall LED screen could be your answer.


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