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What Is a LED Display and How Does It Work

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What Is a LED Display?

A LED display is a flat panel display that uses an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels for a video display. Their brightness allows them to be used outdoors where they are visible in the sun for store signs and billboards.

LED Display

How Does a LED Display Work?

An LED display consists of many closely-spaced LEDs. By varying the brightness of each LED, the diodes jointly form an image on the display. To create a bright colour image, the principles of additive colour mixing are used, whereby new colours are created by mixing light in different colours. An LED display consists of red, green and blue LEDs mounted in a fixed pattern. These three colours combine to form a pixel. By adjusting the intensity of the diodes, billions of colours can be formed. When you look at the LED screen from a certain distance, the array of coloured pixels are seen as an image.

How Does an LED Display Work

What Are Applications of A LED Display?

1. Retail businesses

In retail or architectural business, aspects like novelty, lightweight, clearness, flexibility. These projects are short span projects and visual impact defines them as the spots where LED displays are mounted are customarily subject to alterations and adjustments rather frequently.

2. Rental & events

Rental & staging events is the most precise and exceptional application. In these applications LED displays are integrated, as they are composed of small, light, portable cabinets that can be mounted and undone quickly. It is moreover the most competitive and widespread corporate area, screens can be fitted in TV workshops, trade displays, conference studios, performances, carnivals etc. That’s why in these businesses one needs to keep an eye on the worth of the money spent.  

3. Public information

Public information sector works with diverse message signs mounted on highways, along with urban or suburban infrastructures, in stations, airports, control rooms. Compliance with protocols provides the right choice, as it is very difficult to think of products that have no reliable certifications and incapable of conveying perfect messages. 

How to Install A LED Display

1. Determine the customer's on-site installation environment and difficulty level.

2. After the contract is signed, the professional steel frame structure drawings are issued.

3. Send professional technology to the door to install or assist the customer's staff to guide the installation.


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