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What Is the Difference Between a Projector and an LED Display?

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In the indoor conference display, the projector and the LED display are the two main products. Through the comparison between the projector and the LED display, we can find that the difference between them is still very big, but so many users do not know which one should be used, especially with so many multimedia multi-functional conference rooms today. Should we continue to use traditional projectors or use more advanced LED displays?

LED display

Clarity difference

First of all, the contrast between the projector and the LED display screen is the most obvious and the biggest difference. This is easy to see. For example, the picture displayed on our usual projection screen looks different. A noticeable snow effect, especially when viewed up close, is very unclear due to its low resolution.

The dot pitch of the LED display has now been made very small, and the P0.9 LED display has also been introduced, which has greatly improved its resolution, almost reaching the standard of liquid crystal, so the LED display The picture displayed is very clear. By comparison, it can be found that the LED display has more advantages than the projector.

Brightness difference

When we look at the picture displayed by the projector, we often find that the curtain is reflective, and we need to close the curtain and turn off the light to see clearly, which is the performance of too low brightness. Due to the low brightness of the projection screen itself, when there is natural light, the brightness of the mubo itself is not dominant, resulting in white and reflective images.

The brightness of the LED display is very high, which can reach 1000cd/m2, and its own screen is very bright, so it can display images normally even with natural light.

The contrast between the projector and the LED display in terms of brightness is very obvious, and it is also a very big difference, which is also more advantageous for the LED display.

LED display

Color contrast difference

Contrast refers to the difference between the projector and the LED display in terms of light and dark contrast and color contrast. The contrast of the LED display is higher than that of the projector, so it can show a richer level of gray, and the color gradation is better, stronger, higher contrast, and brighter colors.

Show size difference

The size of the projector is much smaller than that of the LED display screen, because it cannot be spliced, and the LED display screen can be spliced freely, it can be spliced into any size, and can be determined according to the application scenarios such as conference rooms.

Functional difference

From a functional point of view, in addition to the basic display function, the LED display screen can also realize the simultaneous display of multiple computers on the screen, and realize the effect of screen switching and simultaneous display, while the projector can only display the screen on one computer. In contrast, the display form of the projector is relatively simple. Therefore, there is also a difference between the projector and the LED display in terms of display effect.


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