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Which LED Display is Better, P10 Or P16 ?

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The LED display is an electronic engineering product, and it is call LED p2 p3 p4 in the industry, so what does such a LED display P mean? This problem is too elementary for people in the LED display industry. They don’t even bother to answer, but for people who are new to LED display products, it is indeed quite a new definition for them. It is not very difficult, but it lacks a professional guide. We are here to let the new people of LED display screens can also understand what is meant by LED display screen p, so as to better choose and purchase products.


What is pixel pitch for LED display screen?

When it comes to purchasing an LED display, pixel pitch turns out to be an important consideration. It usually describes the pixel density and correlates with LED screen resolution to ascertain the viewing experience. Sometimes, pixel pitch is also calLED dot pitch as it measures the distance from one pixel to the other. Pixel pitch also determines the space between two pixels- an LED display with small pixel pitch means that there are lesser gaps between the pixels and vice versa.

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What does ‘P’ mean?

Pixel pitch is usually written with the alphabet ‘P’ like p1, p2, p3, p4 etc. to let buyers sure about what they are getting. The values after p are usually distance between two pixels that are calLED dot pitch, as mentioned above. But the question is which value or pixel pitch is good to get smooth and clear display? The answer is- go for the small point spacing value and high unit pixel point in order to be rest assured about the clarity of outdoor and indoor LED display.


Difference between P10 LED display and P16 LED display?

  1. The pixel pitch of LED display:pixel pitch of P10 LED display is 10mm and P16 is 16mm;

  2. The number of pixels: P10 LED display is 10000 dot/m2,P16 is 3906 dot/m2

  3. The module size: the module size of P10 LED screen is 160mm*160mm,P16 is 256mm*128mm;

  4. The LED lamp type, P10 LED screen generally use SMD 1R1G1B,P16 use DIP 1R1G1B;

P10 and P16 LED display is used for outdoor advertising LED display, except P10 and P16 LED video wall,  P6, P8, P20, P25 also can done! Of course, the smaller pixel pitch, the higher density and the better clear effect. When you want to buy outdoor LED display, it is necessary to know actual viewing distance.

P10 LED display and P16 LED display visual distance

P10 outdoor LED screen is suitable for area more than 30 square meters, and the best visual distance is more than 15 meters; P16 outdoor LED screen is suitable for area more than 100 square meters, and the visual distance is more than 50 meters; compared with P10 and P16, P10 has higher definition than P16. Nowadays, P10 and P8 LED display are sharing outdoor market.

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Which is Better?

What people don’t realize is that not all LED display screens can fit in their needs. The real job is to pick up the most appropriate screen so as to ensure satisfactory outcomes right away.

So, if someone wants outdoor display screen, p6 or p16 would work efficiently because of their pixel pitch and clear images even from a distance. On the other hand, p10 can be a good selection for indoor purpose. In short, analyse the requirements, evaluate options and choose the one that promises efficiency with no compromise on performance.



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