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3 Major Application Areas of LED Smart Light Pole Screen

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There are many subdivisions of LED displays, and LED light pole screen is one of them. The rise of light pole screens is not long. For LED light pole screen manufacturers, it is now an important node in the development and growth period. Compared with conventional LED screens, the display area of light pole screens is smaller, and the application scenarios are limited. However, with the advent of urban informatization construction and 5G infrastructure, the development of LED smart light pole screens has become more and more popular, mainly in three important areas.

Smart light pole

The light pole screen is mainly an LED display installed on the light pole, which is suitable for scenes with a pole body, and the more common one is the street lamp. In addition, there are smart light poles that have developed rapidly in the past two years. Smart light poles are the early entrance to smart cities, and 5G construction is accelerating. The LED light pole screen itself is a display carrier, which plays an important role in the public information service in the smart light pole system. The development of smart light poles is directly related to the LED smart light pole screen. At present, smart light poles are a popular urban construction field, neither trend nor demand will subside in the next few years.


Digital media

With the development of the trend of multimedia integration, the light pole screen bid farewell to the traditional mode, the function application is more abundant, and the scene integration is becoming more and more media-oriented. The development of information technology and the gradual expansion of the multimedia field have brought opportunities for the development of LED light pole screens. In fact, the light pole screen has all the characteristics of digital media, and can timely and quickly disseminate relevant advertising information to the audience at a specific time and place. Compared with other media, it is more direct and has greater advantages.

Landscape lighting

As an important part of urban construction, landscape lighting has gradually become an important part of urban economy. Lighting is actually a part of smart light poles, and its lighting design is a very important step in the process of landscape lighting. Therefore, the smart light pole screen, which has both lighting functions and artistic decoration and beautification functions, is an idea in the construction of smart street lamps, so many LED light pole screen manufacturers will have a variety of light poles screen shape. It is not difficult to see that the LED smart light pole screen has a certain internal relationship with landscape lighting, and with the increase of lighting demand, this relationship should be more closely. With this promotion, the development trend of LED light pole screen is getting more and more obvious.

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