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Which Is Better, LED Light Pole Screen or LCD Light Pole Screen?

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In the outdoor advertising market, LED display and LCD display are both mainstream display media devices in the market. Therefore, there are many disputes in the market as to which LED and LCD are more suitable for outdoor light pole screens. So, today we analyze LED and LCD from several aspects, who is more suitable for outdoor display?

Display brightness

The ambient brightness during the day can generally reach 4600nit. In order to achieve good advertising performance outdoors, the brightness of the display screen cannot be lower than the ambient brightness. The maximum brightness of the LCD display does not exceed 3500nit, which cannot meet the requirements. The brightness of the LED light pole screen can reach 7000nit, and it can be adjusted to 5000nit when in use. Retaining the peak brightness, advertising will not cause light pollution at the same time, and at the same time prolong the service life of the LED light pole screen. At night, the LED light pole screen automatically reduces the display brightness and is more environmentally friendly.

Reflection phenomenon

Most of the light pole screens are located in highways, streets, residential areas and other areas. If there is a reflection problem, it is easy to cause pedestrian troubles and even affect driving safety and other problems. LCD screens are all reflective, because LCD screens have glass installed to protect the screen. However, the LED light pole screen can play a good display effect without glass.

Thinner and lighter

The light pole screen takes the street light pole as the carrier, and has certain requirements on the weight. It is not suitable for installation if the body is too heavy. Therefore, the lighter and thinner the light pole screen body, the better. The LCD display screen is too heavy and generally thick.

outdoor light pole screens

More energy saving and consumption reduction

Energy saving is the trend of social development. The power ratio of LCD and LED is 1:10. It is obvious that the LED light pole screen is more energy-saving. In addition, the LED light pole screen can also achieve energy saving in many aspects such as energy-saving power supply, temperature-controlled fans, automatic light-sensing, and remote control switches.

In conclusion

Therefore, LED light pole screen is more suitable for application than LCD light pole screen. This is also the experience that many smart light pole manufacturers have actually obtained in the implementation of a large number of projects. HSC LED is a professional LED light pole screen manufacturer, which has a very good reputation in the industry. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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