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P3 LED Poster Display for Live Events in Spain

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HSC LED as a professional manufacturer in China, has focused on led display technology and solution since 2008. We are famous for our creative led display and solution, such as taxi top led display, led poster display, flexible led display, circle led display etc. Especially, digital led poster is one of our best-seller and most popular led display. HSC LED has got multiple projects with our led poster display from home and abroad.

Digital led poster is also called digital roll-up in some countries. As it originates from traditional printing roll-up at the first stage, but digital led poster is more colorful and eye-catching. Comparing to static roll-up, dynamic led poster poster can upload and change contents frequently without extra cost. That is the biggest difference between them.

Digital led poster has more unparalleled features than traditional printing roll-up.

Digital LED Poster


LED poster screen is still more cost-saving even it costs more for one time than traditional printing roll-up. As traditional printing roll-up has to print again each time for new contents. It is a huge cost in total for new printing contents. But HSC LED digital led poster supports digital contents without limitations. No matter how many times for new contents, it just need to upload new contents for programs. That is much easier and most cost-saving.

Best Portability

To make the best portability for led poster display, HSC LED team designs it with wheels on bottom. It can be moved by one person easily. And the total weight is 28kg only per unit with standard size for 576*1920mm. What is more, HSC LED also offers custom flight case for easy transport and event production solutions. 

Digital LED Poster


As we know, traditional printing roll-up is static and contents cannot be changed. Digital led poster is designed for dynamic digital advertising solution, such as retail advertising, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, meetings, small and medium-sized events etc. Dynamic digital advertising is more eye-catching than static printing advertising for audiences. LED poster screen can help get more potential customers with excellent contents.

HSC LED P3 led poster is also a good solution for small and medium-sized events, concerts, weddings etc. The video below is to show our P3 led poster for live events in Spain.

HSC LED P3 led poster is good designed size and resolution for events. As we know, it can be a 16:9 golden ratio screen for 6pcs. 10pcs P3 led poster can be a HD 1080P screen. We also can offer higher resolution led poster, such as P2.5, P2, P1.8 etc.

Spanish customer organized a small concert with 5pcs P3 led poster for 3*2m. Equipped with lighting, audio and stage, it was a successful event for customer. They were happy for such visual performance even with a close-range viewing. And his customers is like to use led poster display for next event too.

HSC LED is very glad to receive good feedback from customers. It is our mission to deliver value and excellence to customers. Welcome to talk to us if you have any ideas.


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